Wednesday, November 25, 2015

We have been looking at snails so we can find out ways to keep them away from our vegetable garden. Imagine our amazement when we found out about the Giant African Land Snail!
Here's what we wrote about it.

The giant land African snail it is extremely big. If it's in the sun it will dry up and it can hide from big animals. They can't fight.
by Kaelyn

I would like to hold this snail because it would feel tickly.
by Charlie C.

This giant snail is hungry. It could eat a whole plant!
by Apao

The snail is slimy and the snail is ginormous!
by Charlie P.

I don't like the snail because it is too slimy and big.
by Siale

This snail is moving on the man's hand. It is heavy.
by Chance

The snail shell looks like a sea shell and it is long and a bit pointy. It hides in its shell. The shell protects itself.
by Soparri.

The snails are huge and the shell is pointy and it can hide from the sun.
by Henry

The snail is crawling on the hand. It feels heavy and slimy.
by J.J

Snail is sleepy. Snail is big!
by Nozomi

I have a snail. It looks beautiful. I love that it has a pointy shell.
by Zoe

This snail is slimy and very big.
by Andrew

The snail feels like slimy and in the sun it can't move in the sun because it gets dry in the sun.
by Amy

This snail is big and slimy.
by Allan

This snail is very big.
by Jaden

This snail is slimy and really big!
by Musashi

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