Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cross Country

It was an exciting Cross Country this year. The Te Ako Kowhai children had been practising for weeks and when the time came to race they all tried their best. Even when the rain came down they kept on going. Well done everyone and thanks to Mr J and Mrs Irshad for organising the event.

Here are some of the fabulous stories that the children wrote about the experience. Their learning intention was to use adjectives in their writing.

Cross Country 
by Taylor-Mio

On your marks, get set, go! 
I ran and ran. I ran in the cross country. The ground was Mucky and wet and slippery. I was tired because it was a long race.

Cross Country 
by  Shenol

On your marks, get set, go! I ran fast and fast around the orange comes. Then the rain came down.  The field was wet. the grass was slippery and I didn't give up. I tried my best.  

 Cross Country 
by Ian

On your marks, get set, go!
We ran aroun the cones. The big and small cones are on the soggy field. The rain was so rainy!    

Cross Country

by Ethan

Ready...Set...Go!  I am having Cross Country with the children. When we got to the field I saw cones. They were the colour orange. Then the teacher at the starting line daid,
"On your marks, get set, go!" And we ran. After that I felt a raindrop. I ran slow so I don't trip over. It was rainy. We ran up the stairs. Then I ran past the road, past ocean wonderland, past a classroom, behind the classrooms, past the clock tower. Then I saw orange cones with white stripes on it. Then I ran past the road, back down the stairs , on the grass and past the starting line. I was hot and tired. The race was long and humongous and fantastic but Cross Country is cancelled for now. 
I said, "Maybe we can do it tomorrow".
To my surprise, my mum and dad came running to me.
"Are you alright?" They said to me.
"I am alright," I said.                                      


Sonya Van Schaijik said...

Te Ako Kowhai, I loved reading your recounts about Cross Country. You used some fabulous descriptive words.

Ella said...

Well done Ethan! I loved your story, it was very detailed. keep on running!

From te ako kahiketea Ella